Episode #6 – On Power and Balance

Is “Eternal Command” and archetype? Alec and Mason disagree on the particulars.

In this episode Alec, Mason, and Josh discuss ‘aggro’ as an archetype and what goes into supporting it. The conversation broadens to the idea of archetypes as a whole, and how people draft them.

Mason talks about how people get tunnel vision when drafting from week to week. He challenges cubers to stop “seeing the same cards” when they draft and keep an open mind about drafting new cards.

The meat of the episode revolves around playing (or not playing) Sol Ring and Mana Crypt in an unpowered environment. Just how balanced are games where ring and crypt are present? If one cuts sol ring and mana crypt, what becomes the best card in the cube?

The final discussion in the cast focuses on combo in the cube. When is it appropriate to play 2-card combos in the cube, versus more synergistic combos that have multiple cards supporting them?

Find out how to bring balance to your cube in this latest episode!


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Episode #5 – Taco Hedron Signet

Taco Bell Draft. It’s the future.

Battle of Wits cube probably shouldn’t exist.

Would Hedron Alignment actually be a viable strategy using Josh’s “draft-1-get-4” rule?


The guys’s go over the two undefeated decks from their last cube draft:

Simic Midrange by Mason Lange

Jace, vryn’s prodigy
Kitchen finks
Eternal witness
Ishkana, grafwidow
Emrakul, the promised end
Dragonlord silumgar

Nissa, vital force
Jace, the mindsculptor
Cryptic command
Mox diamond
Treasure cruise
Mana crypt
Crucible of worlds
Mystic confluence
Fact or fiction
Mana leak

Evolving wilds
Terramorphic expanse
Breeding pool
Creeping tar pit
Treetop village
Mirror pool
Flooded grove
Strip mine
Island x4
Forest x2

Release the gremlins

Golgari Reanimator by Jim Housewerth

Birds of paradise
Elvish mytic
Arbor elf
Lotleth troll
Oona’s prowler
Grave titan
Elesh norn grand cenobite
Myr battlesphere
Sundering titan
Ulamog, the ceaseless hunger

Survival of the fittest
Thran dynamo
Demonic tutor
Hymn to tourach
Liliana of the veil
Dark ritual
Inquisition of kozilek
Grim monolith
Dance of the dead
Gilded lotus

Overgrown tomb
Misty rainforest
Underground sea
City of brass
Swamp x6
Forest x6

Congrats on both of their victories!

In the heart of the episode, your hosts discuss the cycle of signets, what their impact is, whether or not they are healthy, should they be cut, and what could take those slots.


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Episode #4 – “Landscaping” Part 2.

“What are your lands doing for you?”

This is the the first and most important question you should ask yourself when you are crafting the lands section of your cube. In this episode the guys discuss lands that don’t fit into your main mana fixing cycles.

Ash Barrens is one of the more interesting recent additions to the line of basic fixing lands like evolving wilds and terramorphic expanse. Providing an untapped source, but also being able to fix, trigger cards like The Gitrog Monster, add to delirium and delve, and synergizing with Life from the Loam, it does a little of everything.

Why has Mirrorpool fallen out of favor? Presenting a number of onboard tricks, giving you powerful options in the late game, and creating huge value at low opportunity cost, this is a land you should give a chance!

Have you considered Cloudpost? In Josh’s tradition of the “draft-1-you-get-all-4” rule, this land could be a huge boon to eldrazi titan/big mana strategies.

Later in the episode the guys touch on how you should be prioritizing your lands during the draft. Should your first few picks be lands? How well do you know the cube you’re in? Mason discusses cube familiarity and it’s relation to drafting lands vs. spells. All this and more!

Episode #3 – “Landscaping” Part 1.

Just how important are lands in the cube? Fixing you mana is an obvious priority, but what else can your lands do for you? Mason, Alec, and Josh think they can do a lot.

From enabling landfall, delirium, delve, retrace, and revolt, to being threats, defenses, and acting like spells, lands are one of the most versatile card types in the game. They are the foundation for your entire limited environment. They govern what color fixing is available, how fast decks can hit the ground running, and what kinds of synergies and archetypes can be drafted.

In this, the first episode in a 2 part conversation, the guys dig deep into what lands you can, and possibly should (or shouldn’t) be playing, and why. Duals, shocks, fetches, filters, fastlands, bouncelands and more!



Josh’s Cube on cubetutor

The Desert Cube by Loxodon_Meyerarch on cubetutor



Episode #2 – Revolt!

In this episode our dynamic trio goes over all the cards they like from Aether Revolt for the cube. They discuss energy as a mechanic and what the power level  of the cube needs to be to make it work.

How busted is the expertise cycle? Which ones are worth the slot in cube? The guys think all but one of them make the cut. But there’s some differing of opinions on which is the most impactful.



Alec isn’t all that excited about Solemn Recruit. He thinks to make it worth the slot, one would have to trigger the revolt early and often. The Revolt mechanic is dissected in full. How easy is it to turn on in the cube? Without the plethora of fetchlands that are found in eternal formats, it may be harder than it looks.

Speaking of revolt, is Fatal Push the best black spell WotC has printed in the last decade? Mason seems to think so. Josh counters with the argument that it might only be as good as disfigure.


What’s Josh more excited about than Fatal Push? Or even more than any other card in Aether Revolt? WALKING BALLISTA!


Being cheap, an artifact, scaleable, and providing flexibility are just a few of the many things this surface-to-air-missile machine has going for it. Josh’s enthusiasm for the card can’t be contained. Find out all the reasons why and more!


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