Episode #10 – The Horror Cube pt. 4: Red

This session we discuss the red section of the Eldritch Horror cube. We talk eschewing the black and red vampires for a more burn-centric archetype. Mason suggests bolstering the human support to push red as the aggressive strategy in the cube. And mechanics like suspend and madness get put under the microscope.


The Eldritch Horror Cube

Episode #9 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 3: Black

In our third dissection of the Horror Cube, We scour over the black cards and discuss all of the synergies found within them.

gravecrawler_fbp mesmericfiend distendedmindbender

Trying to keep black on somewhat of a path, Josh focused more on the tribal support for zombies and vampires. However by the end of the episode, the gang questions whether or not vampires should make the cut. Both not adding to the theme of the cube, and taking away from the other synergies that black has to offer, it’s possible they dont have a place.

kalastriahighborn_mgd vampirenocturnus_pre

Alec suggests reanimator as a potential strategy that Josh opted not to include, but is it just too powerful and warping?

And just how bad is descent into madness?

Just how good is Triskaidekaphobia?

All of this and more!



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Episode #8 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 2: Blue

The discussion of Josh’s Lovecraftian cube continues as the crew reviews the blue section.

Being one of the main colors for the spider spawning archetype, there are plenty of self mill creatures.

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Blue is home to two of the most important tribes supported in the horror cube:


undeadalchemist havengulrunebinder advancedstitchwing

And Spirits!

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Besides tribal support, blue bolsters the spells/flashback archetypes, as well as an aggressive mill strategy, that Alec believes might be too strong.

See how deep the madness goes!

Next episode we’ll explore the black section, arguably the most difficult to narrow down and keep on the same power level.


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Episode #7 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 1: White

This episode introduces the “Cube Crafter” series. This will be a recurring segment on the podcast, where your hosts introduce a cube or cube concept and then build or rebuild the cube from the ground up. In this first installment, Josh introduces his Eldritch Horror Cube, a limited environment that Attempts to emulate the H.P. Lovecraft mythos.

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From tentacles, flesh eating masses, madness inducing cosmic beings, and shapeless nameless entities, to vampires, werewolves and the undead in its many forms, the Eldritch Cube brings all the darkness and dementia from mind of H.P. Lovecraft to the world of Magic. Utilizing both the Innistrad and Shadows over Innistrad blocks, as well as some support from other Magic sets, Josh has crafted a limited environment that focuses on specific draft archetypes, and is heavily bound by theme.

cardart_c14-stitcher-geralf  sewernemesis

The focus of this episode is to discuss the white section of the Eldritch Cube, the synergies, decks, and card choices found within, and it’s relation to the other colors in the cube. Alec and Mason provide insight into changes, power level concerns, and recant past experiences with the Innistrad sets.

courageousoutrider thraben2binspector2b255bsoi255d westvale

There’s horror abounding in this and the next several episodes as the guys delve deep into the process of creating an environment bound by theme, synergy, and top-down design.



The Eldritch Horror Cube


Episode #6 – On Power and Balance

Is “Eternal Command” and archetype? Alec and Mason disagree on the particulars.

In this episode Alec, Mason, and Josh discuss ‘aggro’ as an archetype and what goes into supporting it. The conversation broadens to the idea of archetypes as a whole, and how people draft them.

Mason talks about how people get tunnel vision when drafting from week to week. He challenges cubers to stop “seeing the same cards” when they draft and keep an open mind about drafting new cards.

The meat of the episode revolves around playing (or not playing) Sol Ring and Mana Crypt in an unpowered environment. Just how balanced are games where ring and crypt are present? If one cuts sol ring and mana crypt, what becomes the best card in the cube?

The final discussion in the cast focuses on combo in the cube. When is it appropriate to play 2-card combos in the cube, versus more synergistic combos that have multiple cards supporting them?

Find out how to bring balance to your cube in this latest episode!


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