Underplayed, Unstable, Unrivaled: The Return…Again.

Well, we are back. Kicking off our return with our 20th episode, and first episode of 2018. This episode is a catch up episode. We go over some cards we think people dont play enough in their cubes. We give a brief review of Unstable, and Rivals of Ixalan. Also, we eat some bacon and eggs.


Some cards we talk about that dont see enough play:

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Unstable staples:

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Rivals auto-includes:

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Episode #20


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Episode #19 – Commander Cube: The Return

After a lot of slacking on my (josh) part, we present to you the follow up episode to our discussion with our friend Jim about his commander cube.

As of this posting we are going to start making a much more concerted effort to having a twice-per-month release schedule. So you can finally look forward to more regularly released material.

thanks for sticking with us.




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Episode #17 – Ixalan Set Review (for Legacy/Vintage Cube) Part 1: White, Blue, and Black

Pirates, Dinos, and Vampires! Oh My!

This week’s episode entails the first part of our set review of Ixalan for legacy and vintage style cubes. In this first half the guys cover White, Blue, and Black. They even discuss a little bit of Ixalan’s impact on standard in the beginning of the episode.

Hear what Mason has to say about a certain lifegain spell. Listen to the polarizing opinions on Chart a Course. Is Wanted Scoundrels a trap? Although there aren’t as many cards from this set worthy of the cube (in our humble opinion), the few that generate discussion certainly generate quite a bit of it.

Hope you enjoy the episode, stay tuned for the second part coming later this week!



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Episode #16 – The Commander Cube

First and foremost, we want to sincerely apologize for the lack of content, and even moreso, the lack of communication on our part. We ended up taking an unintentional hiatus, due to scheduling conflicts and life simply getting in the way. We are back on track now, and we are proud to bring you our newest episode! This week’s topic: Commander Cube!

Love Commander? Love cube? ever wondered what it would be like to play both at the same time? Wonder no more! We’ve brought on a special guest, and our great friend, Jim Houswerth, to speak about the format of cube drafting that incorporates our favorite casual format. Jim has run and operated a commander cube in our community for several years, and on this episode he delves into what a commander cube is, and why you might want to build one.

Thank you everyone, for your patience and understanding in our absence and radio silence. We are happy to be recording again, and we look forward to bringing you more awesome cube related content in the very near future!



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