Episode #13 – The Late Episode: Horror Cube Wrap-Up

This week’s episode is actually a late comer. We recorded this in the beginning of april, but ended up posting the Amonkhet review first due to it’s relevance at the time.

This episode wraps up the Horror cube discussion with a review of the inaugural drafts. The guys and their playgroup had a few jarring revelations during the draft and subsequent matches. The aggro decks in the format were exceedingly fast and overrepresented. They analyze why this caught them by surprise, what the possible changes should be, and discuss some of the other surprise decks in the format.

They also comment on Josh’s extravagant presentation of the Horror Cube’s first draft (pictures to come soon).

Enjoy this in depth discussion of how drafting a new cube can be, and how to make drastic changes to fix inherent design flaws. And look forward to next week’s episode on a completely new take on designing a cube!



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The Horror Cube

Episode #12 – Amonkhet Set Review

Your friendly neighborhood trio returns with their insight on Amonkhet and its applications for cube!

Clocking in at a massive 4 hours, Alec, Mason and Josh cover everything from peasant and tribal, to underpowered, rare and streamlined Legacy/Vintage cubes, the guys discuss it all. Find out what you should be considering for your cube from Magic’s latest set!


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Episode #11 – The C/UC Cube

This episode the boys bring on a special guest, their good friend Ryan Adams, to talk about Common/Uncommon (or Peasant) cube! The quartet goes over Ryan’s peasant cube, discuss the different archetypes he has chosen to support, and why he decided to go build c/uc cube rather than a more powered list.

Everything from mana base, to drafting from a smaller power band, to pushing color combinations is covered in detail.

Late in the episode, the guys crack a few packs. and go over their first picks.

In the first pack:

ridgescaletusker sliceanddice ghorclanrampager aetherize orzhovbasilica relicofprogenitus ashestoashes graymerchantofasphodel mnemonicwall curseofpredation sandstoneneedle thunderouswrath kessigforgemaster filigreefamiliar frontierbivouac

Mason thinks Mnemonic Wall is the pick, given it’s combo potential. Alec goes for Ridgescale Tusker, while Josh opt’s for either fixing or Curse of Predation. Ryan is inclined to agree with Josh, noting that curse is one of the best cards for green strategies.

The Second Pack:

roguespassage sultaiemissary searingspear wretchedgryff dinrovahorror griffinguidenecromancy vividmarsh foundryinspector echoingtruth jademage hedronarchiveairservant manaleak urbanevolution

Mason thinks Jade Mage is a slam dunk, giving your deck a mana sink in the late game while providing an early play as well. Alec thinks the safest and most open pick is Vivid Marsh. Josh and Ryan are sold on Dinrova Horror as a way to 2-for-1 your opponent while leaving you with a huge body to finish the game.

The guys crack a third and final pack:

goforthethroat wear briarpackalpha abundantmaw roguerefiner renegaderallierdaringskyjek skymarkroc stitchedmangler elephantguide cloudgoatranger jungleshrineswordstoplowshares crumblingnecropolis wallofblossoms

Ryan thinks the “correct pick” is one of the removal spells, but is more persuaded by the punishing nature of Skymark Roc. Alec and Mason think the Cloudgoat Ranger is one of the better picks, while Josh agrees with Ryan on the tempo advantage given by the u/w bird.



Ryan’s C/U:be

Episode #10 – The Horror Cube pt. 4: Red

This session we discuss the red section of the Eldritch Horror cube. We talk eschewing the black and red vampires for a more burn-centric archetype. Mason suggests bolstering the human support to push red as the aggressive strategy in the cube. And mechanics like suspend and madness get put under the microscope.


The Eldritch Horror Cube

Episode #9 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 3: Black

In our third dissection of the Horror Cube, We scour over the black cards and discuss all of the synergies found within them.

gravecrawler_fbp mesmericfiend distendedmindbender

Trying to keep black on somewhat of a path, Josh focused more on the tribal support for zombies and vampires. However by the end of the episode, the gang questions whether or not vampires should make the cut. Both not adding to the theme of the cube, and taking away from the other synergies that black has to offer, it’s possible they dont have a place.

kalastriahighborn_mgd vampirenocturnus_pre

Alec suggests reanimator as a potential strategy that Josh opted not to include, but is it just too powerful and warping?

And just how bad is descent into madness?

Just how good is Triskaidekaphobia?

All of this and more!



The Eldritch Horror Cube on CubeTutor