Episode #21 – Dominaria

Our Dominaria Set review!! no show notes for this one, we figured a nearly 3 hour set review was plenty. If you dont want to hear our debate about hair metal and edm music, skip the first 3 minutes.


Episode #21 – Dominaria Set Review


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2 thoughts on “Episode #21 – Dominaria”

  1. ‘Tinker is overrated’.

    Are we basing this off of josh’s cube? Because it’s less surprising its overrated there with a lack of legitimate stones. Comparing it to BBE is kinda laughable otherwise.


  2. You should come play on xmage with us and see tinker wreck house 😛

    That’s our ‘playgroup’, and we have a ton of regulars who play with us.

    Also, Jitte is a bit different than other equipment, because it just wrecks creature matchups, the less those are relevant the worse it is, but not a lot of cubes where that’s a norm.


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