Underplayed, Unstable, Unrivaled: The Return…Again.

Well, we are back. Kicking off our return with our 20th episode, and first episode of 2018. This episode is a catch up episode. We go over some cards we think people dont play enough in their cubes. We give a brief review of Unstable, and Rivals of Ixalan. Also, we eat some bacon and eggs.


Some cards we talk about that dont see enough play:

636337822986936699 contamination2b255buz255d 96197_200wtaj4tehgpdmtrkmhhi4bnqhkjo6id5fu-l2 oketras-monument-59765-medium trophy-mage-game-day-extended-art-59567-mediumblast-from-the-past whowhatwhenwherewhy ugl_075


Unstable staples:

1144539 crow-storm-26972-medium earl-of-squirrel-44147-mediumgrusilda-monster-masher-17319-medium the-big-idea-37213-medium 153174_200w 154463_200w 152906_200w 153123_200w


Rivals auto-includes:

dire_fleet_daredevil 439739-hq 136thrashing2bbrontodon2b255brix255d 155697_200w 155783_200w


Episode #20


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6 thoughts on “Underplayed, Unstable, Unrivaled: The Return…Again.”

  1. Nice episode so far!

    Before I forget: I keep my multicolored section small, but I also switch out the cards constantly. Even cards that are ‘uncuttable’ spend time on the sideline so different MC cards can get the run. (Outside of, like, Dack Fayden and Vindicate, BBE, sometimes Deed.)

    I do like having a larger-than-usual amount of fixing, so I agree that we need more lands overall, but there’s never a point in a draft where I’m like ‘you know what I wish I had? More cards that are only able to be cast by decks that can generate BW or whatever.’ However, we all need more fixing, and I like giving a decent amount more than other cubes. (At least I think I do, for all I know it’s an avg amount lol)

    REGARDLESS, welcome back! Been checking for a while, so glad to see you guys aren’t done 🙂


    1. Thanks for being such a faithful listener! Yeah, the gold card count has always been a debate in our playgroup, and I get the reasons for most cube owners keeping it so low. We just love us some gold cards ya know!


  2. Mason, Alec, and Josh,

    People get busy, new hobbies take priority, etc etc. I was sure this project was dead but you guys made my day when I saw this uploaded.

    I spent all of last summer interning (IE listening to podcasts, chugging coffee to cure hangovers, & doing cubetutor drafts) and have heard all of your content three time over. You’ve inspired a lot of constructive discussion in my unpowered 450 playgroup. The sol ring debate is nearly violent in my playgroup #ShatterSolRing or #SaveSolRing?

    Plus the banter is funny and easy-going. Just solid podcast guys.

    Hope you guys are back to stay,

    Matthew Nolder | @OffsetNolder


    1. Thank you very much for the kind words Matthew. They mean a lot. We really missed doing this, and never intended to let it drop for so long. Super glad to hear our little pet project is having such an impact on other playgroups! Thanks a lot for listening! #ShatterSolRing



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