Episode #19 – Commander Cube: The Return

After a lot of slacking on my (josh) part, we present to you the follow up episode to our discussion with our friend Jim about his commander cube.

As of this posting we are going to start making a much more concerted effort to having a twice-per-month release schedule. So you can finally look forward to more regularly released material.

thanks for sticking with us.




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3 thoughts on “Episode #19 – Commander Cube: The Return”

  1. While I see what Mason is saying to a degree, I think he’s underrating the concept of winning=fun and how shitty it can be to play the worst commander when you know the other one plays better. Plus, the powerful cards are also fun–if you’re drafting Kaalia, how is it *not* fun to flash in those dragons/etc? Why is it not awesome to abuse the life gain of Oloro? Those are *sweet* strategies, and when comparing two sweet strategies I’ll prob pick the more powerful one most of the time.

    What it comes down to is that time to cube outside of xmage is limited, so while I like to fart around with decks I also want to win. People who like to play the decks they want to cause it’s different are either people who play a *ton* of cube and churn through the matches to experiment, or they prob aren’t playing for too long unless their deck works.

    I dunno, it’s an interesting debate but I think Mason is heavily underrating the cut throat aspect of cubes in general.

    As an aside: this is a great episode, you’ve had a number of good ones but this felt like one of the more focused ones. Having your friends come on and ‘interviewing’ them is great, as long as it’s not skype.


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