Episode #17 – Ixalan Set Review (for Legacy/Vintage Cube) Part 1: White, Blue, and Black

Pirates, Dinos, and Vampires! Oh My!

This week’s episode entails the first part of our set review of Ixalan for legacy and vintage style cubes. In this first half the guys cover White, Blue, and Black. They even discuss a little bit of Ixalan’s impact on standard in the beginning of the episode.

Hear what Mason has to say about a certain lifegain spell. Listen to the polarizing opinions on Chart a Course. Is Wanted Scoundrels a trap? Although there aren’t as many cards from this set worthy of the cube (in our humble opinion), the few that generate discussion certainly generate quite a bit of it.

Hope you enjoy the episode, stay tuned for the second part coming later this week!



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6 thoughts on “Episode #17 – Ixalan Set Review (for Legacy/Vintage Cube) Part 1: White, Blue, and Black”

  1. How many minutes is Alec allowed to speak? I think he may have gotten over the 5 minute mark this episode. Otherwise, really enjoying the Mason 1 Josh 1 podcast.

    Nah but seriously, good episode, I think Mason lives in magical christmas land but at least he has reasoning, even if some of it is pretty flawed/crazy in the way you guys recognize it’s crazy. Great ep!


    1. Alec definitely just doesn’t speak a lot. I personally wish he would speak more, because I feel he articulates himself incredibly well. He just the kind of guy who speaks only when he feels he has something relevant to add. Mason definitely has the most to say, and really enjoys saying it.


      1. For what its worth, I love the show and don’t want to come across as ‘everything sucks’, I just wish Alec spoke a little more. Some of the theorycraft questions he was asking were great, especially in the next ep.


  2. The thragtusk is blocking on t3. And how about 6 drops? Or 7 drops? Listening to the defense of giving your opponents two lotus petals is so full of holes.


    1. Why I said i was right in the middle on this one. I feel like Alec is very accurate, that these cards are almost always a trap. But i like Mason’s enthusiasm for a card like this. I’m gun-shy about it, but see the potential.


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