Episode #14 – The Cube of Rubik

This week Mason unveils a new suggested method for constructing your cube to keep it fresh and give you literally thousands of different possible draft archetypes to choose from, all while never taking apart your cube to add or subtract cards!

Introducing the “Rubik’s Cube!” It’s a cube made up of many smaller cubes!

The general idea is to build a bunch of 15, 30, or 45 card packages that you then choose from to smash together to create the cube you are going to draft with on any given night. Imagine Combo twin as a 15 card package. and Mono black aggro as a 30 card package. Smash them together with the 45 card land package, the 15 card Power package, the 30 card storm package, the 45 card green midrange package, and several endlessly possible others to make up your 360 cube. Then next week, choose several different packages and draft with those instead! It’s the ever rotating, ever evolving, ever shift cube!

Find out the details, pitfalls, and benefits of designing your cube this way. Ryan Adams guest stars again on this episode, providing some much needed math and asking some very important questions, keeping mason grounded in reality. Alec gives his rebuttal for such a complicated building method, and Josh provides insight as to the possibilities for designing your first cube this way.

Ride along on the crazy train with the guys as they try to solve this puzzle!



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