Episode #11 – The C/UC Cube

This episode the boys bring on a special guest, their good friend Ryan Adams, to talk about Common/Uncommon (or Peasant) cube! The quartet goes over Ryan’s peasant cube, discuss the different archetypes he has chosen to support, and why he decided to go build c/uc cube rather than a more powered list.

Everything from mana base, to drafting from a smaller power band, to pushing color combinations is covered in detail.

Late in the episode, the guys crack a few packs. and go over their first picks.

In the first pack:

ridgescaletusker sliceanddice ghorclanrampager aetherize orzhovbasilica relicofprogenitus ashestoashes graymerchantofasphodel mnemonicwall curseofpredation sandstoneneedle thunderouswrath kessigforgemaster filigreefamiliar frontierbivouac

Mason thinks Mnemonic Wall is the pick, given it’s combo potential. Alec goes for Ridgescale Tusker, while Josh opt’s for either fixing or Curse of Predation. Ryan is inclined to agree with Josh, noting that curse is one of the best cards for green strategies.

The Second Pack:

roguespassage sultaiemissary searingspear wretchedgryff dinrovahorror griffinguidenecromancy vividmarsh foundryinspector echoingtruth jademage hedronarchiveairservant manaleak urbanevolution

Mason thinks Jade Mage is a slam dunk, giving your deck a mana sink in the late game while providing an early play as well. Alec thinks the safest and most open pick is Vivid Marsh. Josh and Ryan are sold on Dinrova Horror as a way to 2-for-1 your opponent while leaving you with a huge body to finish the game.

The guys crack a third and final pack:

goforthethroat wear briarpackalpha abundantmaw roguerefiner renegaderallierdaringskyjek skymarkroc stitchedmangler elephantguide cloudgoatranger jungleshrineswordstoplowshares crumblingnecropolis wallofblossoms

Ryan thinks the “correct pick” is one of the removal spells, but is more persuaded by the punishing nature of Skymark Roc. Alec and Mason think the Cloudgoat Ranger is one of the better picks, while Josh agrees with Ryan on the tempo advantage given by the u/w bird.



Ryan’s C/U:be

5 thoughts on “Episode #11 – The C/UC Cube”

  1. Nice podcast, Peasant is where I settled too after a couple different iterations of powered/unpowered cubes.
    Sounded like someone mentioned taking deck pics, do you guys post those somewhere? Didn’t see them here or on facebook.


  2. Curse of predation is, far and away, the strongest card in all three packs. It’s a windmill slam so hard it breaks the windmill.

    I know at least 2 people with peasant cubes that have banned it on power level concerns.

    Mnemonic wall is far too slow to be considered for future pairings with crystal shard or ghostly flicker. Unless the cube is just slower than expected.

    I’m not sure how one justifies a 2 color card over necromancy or jade mage.
    Certainly not over CGR.

    Only one person picks the bomb monocolored card there? This cube must be weirder than most peasant lists I’m aware of.


  3. I guess this post has a slower pace than that which I’m used to, if he’s still worried about capsize.


  4. Friends and I (bunch of filthy casuals) are looking to build our first cube. Between us, I think we may be able to throw together all of the cards in this peasant cube, with the exception of a few.

    The cube will probably float around depending on who can play at any given time. I’d like to replace some expensive cards like channel and force of will, in case anything is damaged or misplaced. Any suggestions for budget replacements?

    Really enjoy the pod. I fish in Alaska and burned through all of your episodes this week during my downtime. Keep up the good work.


    1. Realized channel is not an expensive card. And I want to ask a better question. When I go about swapping cards out, should I be looking for functional replacements or the most powerful card that barely missed the cut?


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