Episode #9 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 3: Black

In our third dissection of the Horror Cube, We scour over the black cards and discuss all of the synergies found within them.

gravecrawler_fbp mesmericfiend distendedmindbender

Trying to keep black on somewhat of a path, Josh focused more on the tribal support for zombies and vampires. However by the end of the episode, the gang questions whether or not vampires should make the cut. Both not adding to the theme of the cube, and taking away from the other synergies that black has to offer, it’s possible they dont have a place.

kalastriahighborn_mgd vampirenocturnus_pre

Alec suggests reanimator as a potential strategy that Josh opted not to include, but is it just too powerful and warping?

And just how bad is descent into madness?

Just how good is Triskaidekaphobia?

All of this and more!



The Eldritch Horror Cube on CubeTutor

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