Episode #8 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 2: Blue

The discussion of Josh’s Lovecraftian cube continues as the crew reviews the blue section.

Being one of the main colors for the spider spawning archetype, there are plenty of self mill creatures.

70 244685 66

Blue is home to two of the most important tribes supported in the horror cube:


undeadalchemist havengulrunebinder advancedstitchwing

And Spirits!

mausoleum2bwanderer2b255bemn255d rattlechains2b255bsoi255d nebelgastherald

Besides tribal support, blue bolsters the spells/flashback archetypes, as well as an aggressive mill strategy, that Alec believes might be too strong.

See how deep the madness goes!

Next episode we’ll explore the black section, arguably the most difficult to narrow down and keep on the same power level.


The Eldritch Horror Cube on CubeTutor

1 thought on “Episode #8 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 2: Blue”

  1. You guys should post the cube links all the places you can, it was confusing at first when finding these podcasts on other sites.

    Also, as you probably don’t check the comments on other sites: big fan of the podcast! Keep it up!


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