Episode #7 – The Eldritch Horror Cube Part 1: White

This episode introduces the “Cube Crafter” series. This will be a recurring segment on the podcast, where your hosts introduce a cube or cube concept and then build or rebuild the cube from the ground up. In this first installment, Josh introduces his Eldritch Horror Cube, a limited environment that Attempts to emulate the H.P. Lovecraft mythos.

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From tentacles, flesh eating masses, madness inducing cosmic beings, and shapeless nameless entities, to vampires, werewolves and the undead in its many forms, the Eldritch Cube brings all the darkness and dementia from mind of H.P. Lovecraft to the world of Magic. Utilizing both the Innistrad and Shadows over Innistrad blocks, as well as some support from other Magic sets, Josh has crafted a limited environment that focuses on specific draft archetypes, and is heavily bound by theme.

cardart_c14-stitcher-geralf  sewernemesis

The focus of this episode is to discuss the white section of the Eldritch Cube, the synergies, decks, and card choices found within, and it’s relation to the other colors in the cube. Alec and Mason provide insight into changes, power level concerns, and recant past experiences with the Innistrad sets.

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There’s horror abounding in this and the next several episodes as the guys delve deep into the process of creating an environment bound by theme, synergy, and top-down design.



The Eldritch Horror Cube


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