Episode #6 – On Power and Balance

Is “Eternal Command” and archetype? Alec and Mason disagree on the particulars.

In this episode Alec, Mason, and Josh discuss ‘aggro’ as an archetype and what goes into supporting it. The conversation broadens to the idea of archetypes as a whole, and how people draft them.

Mason talks about how people get tunnel vision when drafting from week to week. He challenges cubers to stop “seeing the same cards” when they draft and keep an open mind about drafting new cards.

The meat of the episode revolves around playing (or not playing) Sol Ring and Mana Crypt in an unpowered environment. Just how balanced are games where ring and crypt are present? If one cuts sol ring and mana crypt, what becomes the best card in the cube?

The final discussion in the cast focuses on combo in the cube. When is it appropriate to play 2-card combos in the cube, versus more synergistic combos that have multiple cards supporting them?

Find out how to bring balance to your cube in this latest episode!


Josh’s 450 Cube on Cubetutor

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