Episode #4 – “Landscaping” Part 2.

“What are your lands doing for you?”

This is the the first and most important question you should ask yourself when you are crafting the lands section of your cube. In this episode the guys discuss lands that don’t fit into your main mana fixing cycles.

Ash Barrens is one of the more interesting recent additions to the line of basic fixing lands like evolving wilds and terramorphic expanse. Providing an untapped source, but also being able to fix, trigger cards like The Gitrog Monster, add to delirium and delve, and synergizing with Life from the Loam, it does a little of everything.

Why has Mirrorpool fallen out of favor? Presenting a number of onboard tricks, giving you powerful options in the late game, and creating huge value at low opportunity cost, this is a land you should give a chance!

Have you considered Cloudpost? In Josh’s tradition of the “draft-1-you-get-all-4” rule, this land could be a huge boon to eldrazi titan/big mana strategies.

Later in the episode the guys touch on how you should be prioritizing your lands during the draft. Should your first few picks be lands? How well do you know the cube you’re in? Mason discusses cube familiarity and it’s relation to drafting lands vs. spells. All this and more!

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