Episode #3 – “Landscaping” Part 1.

Just how important are lands in the cube? Fixing you mana is an obvious priority, but what else can your lands do for you? Mason, Alec, and Josh think they can do a lot.

From enabling landfall, delirium, delve, retrace, and revolt, to being threats, defenses, and acting like spells, lands are one of the most versatile card types in the game. They are the foundation for your entire limited environment. They govern what color fixing is available, how fast decks can hit the ground running, and what kinds of synergies and archetypes can be drafted.

In this, the first episode in a 2 part conversation, the guys dig deep into what lands you can, and possibly should (or shouldn’t) be playing, and why. Duals, shocks, fetches, filters, fastlands, bouncelands and more!



Josh’s Cube on cubetutor

The Desert Cube by Loxodon_Meyerarch on cubetutor



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