Episode #2 – Revolt!

In this episode our dynamic trio goes over all the cards they like from Aether Revolt for the cube. They discuss energy as a mechanic and what the power level  of the cube needs to be to make it work.

How busted is the expertise cycle? Which ones are worth the slot in cube? The guys think all but one of them make the cut. But there’s some differing of opinions on which is the most impactful.



Alec isn’t all that excited about Solemn Recruit. He thinks to make it worth the slot, one would have to trigger the revolt early and often. The Revolt mechanic is dissected in full. How easy is it to turn on in the cube? Without the plethora of fetchlands that are found in eternal formats, it may be harder than it looks.

Speaking of revolt, is Fatal Push the best black spell WotC has printed in the last decade? Mason seems to think so. Josh counters with the argument that it might only be as good as disfigure.


What’s Josh more excited about than Fatal Push? Or even more than any other card in Aether Revolt? WALKING BALLISTA!


Being cheap, an artifact, scaleable, and providing flexibility are just a few of the many things this surface-to-air-missile machine has going for it. Josh’s enthusiasm for the card can’t be contained. Find out all the reasons why and more!


Josh’s Cube on Cube Tutor

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