Episode #1 – The State of the Cube

Welcome to Pack 1, Pick 1 Podcast! Your hosts, Josh Richter, Mason Lange, and Alec Haste, are excited to share their wild ideas and in depth discussions about the best format of play in Magic: the Gathering: CUBE DRAFT!

In this first episode, the guys introduce themselves, talk about their beginnings in Magic, and their first encounters with the format of cube drafting.

Further in the episode the boys take an in depth look at Josh’s cube. They discuss its evolutions and explain some of the more unorthodox card choices within it, and the reasoning for their inclusion.

Are the generally accepted concepts of what aggro should look like in cube wrong?

What is burn storm?

Are red and green being pigeonholed?

Is blue just too generically good?

Does black even have an identity?

All these questions are touched on in this episode, and will be discussed further in episodes to come, along with much much more! Thank you for joining us, it’s going to be a fun ride!


Josh’s Cube on Cubetutor


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